Exhibit A

Below is the audio-to-text transcription of the tape hereinafter referred to as Exhibit A.

Note to jury: Parts of the recording are missing due to white noise and external interference. These are represented as ‘*…’

It started with the scratch.

Contrary to what you’ll hear about me, I’m not crazy. Was not crazy, I need to get used to the fact that I’ll be gone soon. 

*…earlier, it started with the scratch. Just a little line at the nape of my neck. The swollen eye followed. Mom said it was an infection and adi agbon was applied.(coughs)

The broken arm got their attention. Even dad was worried. *… concern was not for pain of having a broken limb but for my mental health as I told him about them. 

*… their name but I know that when one of them slapped me, I woke up with a scratch on my neck. They are everywhere but I can’t see them. 

*…only when I sleep.

*… was how it used to be. Now I can’t even close my eyes. 

Mom wants *… to church but Dad says it will feed my delusions. If only they had an idea. Now it’s too late. I’ve taken cups of black coffee (laughs) *…  create their own delusions. I’ll never know why they chose me. I call them the… (Static)

 Nobody will ever know the true story, even if they did, they wouldn’t believe me. 

Funny thing is, my only regret is that I’ll never get to tell my children ‘you think it’s me you’re doing? You’re doing yourself’.(laughs. coughs)

I’m leaving this recording in a folder marked ‘gay porn’ but if you’re listening, you already know this fact. 

Night comes and goes but today is different. 

When night comes, I go.
(End of recording) 


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