Kyle Kent- Cohabit (Chapter 5)

Author’s Note:

Kyle Kent is a 3-book series. Co-habit is the second book in the trilogy. To get a better grip of the story, I would recommend you check out the first book, Kyle Kent: Genesis here

Now, we can sit back and enjoy a beautiful story

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4​

Chapter 5

Baring state building restrictions, The ErenCorp International building would have been the tallest in the city. A daunting structure of steel and glass, it has fifteen floors of offices housing almost a thousand workers during the day and parts of the night. The cars in the car pool spilled over to the driveway and formed an ad-hoc guard of honor for vehicles and people going to the buildings sprinkled around the compound.

The moonless night gave Ben the cover he needed. The ten feet-high wall of the ErenCorp compound loomed over him .According to the schematics Tagert was able to pull from Town Hall, the spot Wright was standing at was directly opposite to the West wall of the warehouse at the back of the compound. 

Getting access was easy enough. The ErenCorp compound was right beside the CONSOL Energy Centre. Wright had simply strolled through the narrow expanse of no-man’s land between the fences of the two compounds. To corroborate his hastily made-up story, Wright was dressed in the coveralls of a maintenance man. He lugged a heavy yellow tool box with him.

A quick raid of the University of Pittsburgh’s Soil Sciences laboratory had given Wright enough samples of blasting material. The tool box contained these and a disassembled rappel gun.

Under the coveralls, Wright was in full tactical combat gear.

“This will take some getting used to”. He muttered. Assembling the rappel gun took less than five minutes. Wright set the sights of the gun over the fence and fired. 

Cursing silently, he started pulling himself up. He got to the top of the wall in minutes. Crouching stealthily, he observed the compound. 

It was bathed in a flood of bright light. Dark Figures scurried around hastily and Wright could make out the vague shapes of guards watching the entrance to the warehouse.

Getting past them was easy.

“The key is looking like you belong there”. Kent said through the earpiece and Wright walked towards them, carrying the tool box in one hand and pulling his coveralls tightly around him with the other. Wright nodded at the guards as he strolled in, whistling the tunes of ‘American Dream’.

Then the noise of the activities in the compound was overridden by a very much louder one. Wright recognized it at once.

Helicopters. Combat choppers.

The guards outside fired in the direction of the sound. The helicopters were more visible now, three dark shapes gliding gracefully towards the warehouse.

“I had this covered”. Wright muttered ruefully as he joined the crowd running for cover in the warehouse. 

The compound was awash with the deafening crack crack of automatic weapons. More men with weapons rushed out of the warehouse and took cover behind the parked trucks. 

Wright ignored them and ran towards the row of familiar crates in the middle of the warehouse. He grabbed a heavy spanner from the ground and leapt on the first crate.

A new sound joined the commotion outside. The sound of speeding vehicles and heavy boots.

“Seems the cavalry is here”. Kent said. Wright could almost hear him smile.

He pried the crate open. 

Empty. He moved to the second one and the frantic thumps on the lid as he worked on it told him that it was occupied.

“Get away from the crate sir”. A voice told him authoritatively.

Without turning around, Wright raised his hand.

“I’m one of the good guys. My name is Ben Wright. I am a licensed Private Investigator…” Wright began.

“Well, Sir, don’t you think this is a little outside your jurisdiction?” The voice interrupted. Just then, the lid on the crate sprang open.

“Ben?” The tiny voice said. Wright recognized it at once.  

“Oh, my God”. He cried.
* * *

The clean-up sweep by the federal agents continued for the better parts of the night.

Once outside the area of action and properly identified, the handcuffs were taken off Ben’s wrists. All the children were accounted for and were now being whisked to medical rooms by ambulances. The area surrounding the ErenCorp compound was cordoned off with yellow ‘crime scene’ tapes. Every available space was milling with reporters with television cameras and onlookers looking for a piece of action. An Area 7 helicopter hovered over the compound.

“So you got the text”. Wright shouted as he saw the familiar figure of District Attorney Tagert leaning against a tactical truck. Wright still had his coveralls but the toolbox was on the floor of the warehouse.

“It was very convincing”. Tagert shouted back.

“How did you get them to listen?”

“Two words”. Tagert said dramatically. “Drugs and Laboratory”.

“Back to your apartment now, huh”. 

“Not even close”. Wright said, sardonically. “My partner has a date with a client”.


The squat, bald man paced around the room angrily. He grabbed an award plaque off a shelf and slammed it hard against a heavy mahogany desk.  The two other men in the room watched anxiously at this rare display of emotion by their boss.

“What went wrong?” He asked. The men watched him in silence. One of them, sporting a huge scar on his face let his gaze trail to the framed picture of the president of the United States of America on the wall.

“Can any of this be traced back to me?” The bald man asked. The man with the scarred face shook his head. “Good. Now go take care of the expendables”.

The man with the scarred face nodded solemnly and went out of the room. He closed the door quietly and started down the hallway. He moved silently past door that had different tags on them.

The one he’d just closed bore the engraving:

Office of the Mayor


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